Wednesday, May 25, 2011


let's make kiss lips
and snuggle bunnies
up in margaret's room

you read my diary 
it'll be on fire out on the street. 
the girl with the nose job knows

that that isn't your under taking
It's your under wear and not your
only heart breaking

is that a sentry gown you're
wearing above the lake
hands wrapped around the moist pole

we must make our way back to the bank
says peter, before it is too late
isiah wears a dress towel on the porch

now dragons approach
A horrible roar coming out of the steam
clearly we will be lost out here

like we were before
inside the dorm room 
where they are building a fire

beautiful and young
their lives almost over
and the dvd's have yet to be returned

boom boom go the speakers
in the trunk of this poem
as it passes down the street again


Burton said...

Nostalgic, dreamy, and erotic. (And the free-standing piece "The Racer" is cool.)

soozie said...

hypnotic & richly weaved ,,,,