Monday, May 30, 2011

my friend's funeral

all the bees are
flying due north
out of your body into
the yellow black smoke

into the sun burning the world

oily and alive
full of hot dry gold
as hard as eskimo
a child's smile

the world's darkest skin

you were left in the forest
alone inside the blanket
an ink bath beside
a black gorilla

and then you were

falling from the earth
into  the world of vinyl
the philadelphia experience
seven feet below you

the brown building

your left uppercut
opened up on the table
where the blood was
beside the wolf head

i need a miracle

8 weeks of a slow 
steady blunt hammer
coming down from
god to take you home

the coffin door opens

the tv's grey hum
the teeth of victory
scattered at the feet
of the couch by the bong

the maybeline manora

feet barely touching
the ground above
the field where the crowd
watches wide eyed

kevin costner's hair

the sky opening up
it's arms and picking you
off the earth jumping into 
heaven to lick its face


Bobby Jo said...

This is my favorite yet. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

:( Is this for Clint's friend? Wish you all the very best. Your band is a lovely juxtaposition of sweet hot awesomeness.