Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what would happen

if i became fish

in your eyes

would i swim in the sea?

if i became ghost

in your arms

would i always be alone?

if i become steam in your kiss

would i become a rumor of bliss

forever dreaming?

if i became cloud in your mouth

out in the blue

hanging over you

while you were sleeping

and i was sleeping too


the way dreamers do

would i be shipwrecked

and broken

and even early on

would i be able to tell

how it would end?


Lisa said...

You posted this at 4:23. That's my favorite number.

Gina said...

that is a beautiful, beautiful piece. thank you.

Lara said...

Sigh... what a gift to stop and read this in the midst of pumpkin cheesecake batter and sticky candied pecans. I am thankful there is Bob Schneider.

KP said...

mmm this was the perfect start to the day after a night of austin thunderstorms. thanks for sharing, bob.

melodyb said...

That took my breath away. Stunningly beautiful. Thank you!

theflowersays said...

taking a chance, following your heart, being naked...ohhh, the pain, sadness, and happiness of it all...thanks bob :-)

Jendo said...

I like it.

LMason said...

all the emotions.... you're amazing.

mary said...

this is lovely. though, isn't it nice not to know?

flowerpot said...

if i were your guitar,
would you be strummin' my pain with your fingers?

Marjiet said...

Love this because after a fashion, after loves we have known, at the end we all know what ended it from the beginning. If only we could have the wisdom in the beginning... at my age, we hope to know, but you know, it doesn't happen that way for loves lost that we go take a chance on. Hindsight, suck or not? Discuss...

Anonymous said...

it's perfect