Friday, November 11, 2011


Michael Jackson

Laying the brown gun

On the pillow

Next to the young

Cancer survivor

The tiger


In his back yard

Made me uneasy

Imagining what

Was going on in

Never land

Now that he's in ever ever land

With its blank walls

And inverted streets

Jesus jamming its fist

Into your heart

The whole

Room filled with

The fury of god

I can relax

And enjoy the sweet jams

I wanna rock wit you

All night


Anonymous said...

Great portrait. I think I know what you mean. He is kind of a gray area for me. He seemed very fragile but then dangerous. He seemed well intentioned and evil. Sane but unbalanced. I mostly felt sorry for him but then I didn't. But I feel for his kids.

flowerpot said...

~♥~ and I want to rock with you ~♥~

theflowersays said...

Michael got screwed...and like the innocent? but brought TONS of emotion and ??? just like us all in some way. The music that came out of him was from his heart (kindness and sadness). I AM GREY CRUCIFY ME !

theflowersays said...

GREY is another word for Googled Rumbbled Eatin YoYO.....when FACTs arent present and gut is looks grey for ME !!

theflowersays said...

Son is protected
Father was
manipulated and molested

Divorced parenting is hard
trust is harder
learning for all is even harder.

Believing in handshakes, hugs, and kindness is even harder.

feeling music makes the grey go away...I get to decide.

is this a poem?

theflowersays said...

ROCK, ceramics, drama, music, is easy.. :-)

theflowersays said...


Gina said...

Best MJ tribute ever... love the poetry.

Lastralor said...

Yes, that's how I feel, yes. Thank you for finding the words