Friday, November 11, 2011

thriller (acrylic on wood and christmas tree lights)


flowerpot said...

♥ the purple halo and the face
your portrait of M.J. gives the ghost his wings ~♥~
so he can fly to heaven
when the tears stop flowing
all that remains is Love.

Leslie F. Miller said...

Fucking great.

Unknown said...
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vas said...

hey bob. long time no see. hope you are well. while checking out some of the artist that will be participating in this year's EAST, i came across this guy, thought you might enjoy, something about some of his pieces reminded me of you. Maybe you'll have some more of your work at flatbed...


Marjiet said...

Like the texture the wood gives of naturally-not so perfect skin. Christmas lights? Would like to see it hanging somewhere to get the full effect. Kinda like, Van Gogh in print and Van Gogh in person: texture can be much!