Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At this point everything is gravy

The prosthesis, the herpes scar

The blank stare on kim's face

The suicide rain, the bricked up

Body of kim's fiancé Steve

The Burning moving van

The four hundred billion dollar

Bank operation, the lone ranger's

shoe fist, the sex tape of

Sheila blowing her old boyfriend

The underwater skate park

The fact that everyone in the

Original banana splits is dead

The emancipation proclamation!

The unborn baby of a beatles reunion

The swollen and taciturn* Casper

Not so friendly since acquiring

Ghost cancer a year ago

The plain old fashioned road side

Beauty of a stand of bluebonnets

Off the side of the great Texas

'sit and roll real fast' thingamajig

(taciturn-to fall or have fallen from a brick

bridge into a bowl of blah)

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