Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the word cave

i was working in the word cave one night

my joints were aching from all the back breaking

and confusion. my penis was flying around in

the air like a lightbulb in a nazi movie when

all of a sudden the phone rang 'ring, ring ,ring, ring'

it glowed in the mountain air like a fiery horse

i peed a little. my balls were distended from age

i picked it up gingerly in my spotted hands

it was jordan stone calling to ask about the

word and if it was indeed 'titties' as i'd dreamt

it might one day be in a dream as real as ice

i told him that it was only in the dream and

in this world of caves and sleep it was actually

'discontinued beauty'. we slept on the phone

for a minute and then he said, 'let me know

when it's titties'. he hung up and i began to

build story after story about a king's kindness

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