Tuesday, February 23, 2010

untitled poem marking

the tenthousandth day of things not getting any better

i put the love into everything

a retched led ligned head

the curve of the waterfall as it

breaks out over us all

an angle a reflex erection

a riminder of a past life

a green gas floating in a space

red gelatin that can destroy the world

forever. like really dead.

like real deadness

they had an open casket

you could see his sunburned head

and for a while i dreamed of spain

real dreams ma ground up into paste

the long wings of the spider

the pout of an elephant's ear

the mayor of france (a drunk

mayor who gets laid a lot)

drinking again works for him

jesus drinks screwdrivers

at the hotel monaco in downtown denver

showing us his book and acting like

a charming older version of jesus

i went to the show

with the ho's and the loaded guns

ice ice baby.....too cold

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