Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the hard rim of forever

a man is fucked by a horse

his colon perforated and later dies

i guess it's not illegal in seattle.

still, i can hardly see you anymore

i'm too busy and you've turned

into ghost. what love we had

is werewolf and they don't make

good pets i've learned

anyways, i hid my groceries from the werewolves

but they were easy to find in the grocery bags

and i'm writing a screenplay about werewolfism

called 'linens 'n things'

a werewolf who eats zombies

will often develop a bad case of dirtmouth

my ex is dating a banker now

what the hell is she thinking

aquaman is thought to be a werewolf

but not much is known about

aquaman or werewolves but it is rare

to see a werewolf wearing a helmet

the bag is under the seat officer

a vast legion of werewolves

drove at least a thousand bankers

out beyond the gates of the city.

i dream only of death now.

i'm not a fan. i'm a werewolf.

it's always strange to hear a

werewolf say anything with a mexican accent.

it was late and we piled into the car

like werewolves

if you'd have told me beards

would come back into fasion back

in the 80's i would not have believed you

if you hold a werewolf up to your ear

you'll hear the ocean right before you die

you called me. but when i answered

the phone all i heard was the ocean.

are you a werewolf now, or moth?

i don't speak moth, but my mouth is mothy

and filled with moon.

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pppslm said...

sounds like you have a werewolf addiction. meetings are on tuesdays, fyi.

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