Sunday, January 30, 2011

el tigre

the unbridled fury of revlon
an unlit avalanche of powder
and formal introduction of foundation
filling in the lines and wrinkles
celebrating the smooth skin of 
the bipedal land lioness™ 

the twin berlin walls of mascara
an aubergine sky above the
stone quarry of concealer 
below inside a shadow a
roseberry bush of blush
two brown oily lips

underneath which, fordyce
spots collect the television
light and throw it towards my
face. wet stars clinging to
the photoreceptors of
my inner eye lounge

my head is a blue circle
i drag it up and down
your head. the point i'm 
staring at and suddenly
everything is quite clear
we are completely lost


Anonymous said...

you can say that again...completely LOST!

Anonymous said...

Lost is an understatement!!!!!! I know not what or where to say.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the natural look??

Deb D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me in...I'm going to take a break now, but I'll be back. xo. Oh and btw-trust is a mutual fund.

Natasha said...

I thought of this poem when I was putting on mascara this morning and felt kind of fierce.

Anonymous said...

Hey xo, thanks for making me laugh, you r funny as hell, Just put mo' money in trust/ mutual fund. C ya beluga b. At showdown in downtown.
Leila B.

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