Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the mourners (watercolor on watercolor paper)


Anonymous said...

I need a copy of this one, too.

Anonymous said...

The Mourners
Mourners gather at the bottom of the cross
Black thin veils of shame and guilt cover their faces
They come from all corners of the world
Jamaica, Babylon, Falconhead…

They kneel down on the brown hill
Where Jesus had been crucified
His blood drips on the ground
Where they feel his body writhing
From being violently slain

They snort white-powdered cocaine
To dull their own pain
From their self-inflicted wounds
From their life drama
From their lack of
Sexual integrity
Caused by the fact
That they fall
For too many
All at once

They think that is
The only way
To protect
Their hearts from bleeding

But in reality, it just makes
No one trust them any more
Because… they belong to
And yet
They are faithful
To no one
At all

Flowing upward like the Trevi fountain
the yellow tears they shed
and wipe
With Christ’s wet red shroud
The one we all share from then until eternity…

Written by Lilac_Brown on 1.19.2011

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Anonymous said...

I see penises. Am I the only one? That one in the front Is a real short stroker. ~;)

Maggie said...

Life's winds and rains shaping and wearing me down. Making me feel so old at 42.

Your words ring in my ear, "Life is just one big whatever anyway."

So true.

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