Wednesday, January 26, 2011

getting ready to work out

you are in your car
it is under the lake
at disneyworld and
sadness is filling 
up the black inside
of your whole head

it moves into your eyes
and onto your face
at the bookstore while
looking at a picture of
joan jet looking at you 
open and beautiful and

drunk and not giving a
fuck and ready to love
you maybe if you would
have been really lucky
but not now for sure
for sure not now=cause

that joan jet is dead and 
love is the only thing that 
will save you and not the 
names of parties or the 
mountain of mischief or 
that sweet black hat

not from the inoperable cancer
that is coming or the end of
the blue sky that sits on our 
lives please come here quick
and help me sleep at night
please! before it's too late


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If you would
unlock the passenger door
I'll sit with you
after all
It appears you've settled into my moor
and although I'm compelled to share
this coincidental view
it should be abandoned
like the black hat on the shelf
so I cannot bring myself to ask you here
but if you are bringing yourself
I will not resist
if you won't fight my need to exist
beside you here
we'll become enamored with sleep
and wake in the universe that can't be seen

Anonymous said...

It's really actually, a very sweet poem. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Since Tokyo's not far enough, here we are ;)

G said...

she will be back

Jody said...

I put away childish things when I had children of my own

And as they grew, so did my responsibilities - I knew my role

But you were like sunshine that filled me with warmth and freedom

to live as I reveled in the rays of light above the clouds of my life

At first I was scared, not wanting to open my heart to hurt again

and again, and again - too many times to count, it seemed

But your familiarity and kind eyes and battered heart found mine

and I began to believe in me, in you - in us

As I daydreamed in the clouds, oblivious to the world below

You began to slip away, down the double rainbow

Until you crashed to the reality of the Earth that one day claims us all.

Then the clouds turned angry as they multiplied and the light grew dim.

As I was free falling, calling your name, wishing that you "got me,"

I felt nothing - nothing but the emptiness of space around me

where your arms used to be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tears while in the shower.

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