Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the nagging feeling i'm doing 
something terribly wrong

the little girl drags the dead lion head
down the dirty aisle of the awards show

he eats an orange in front of the tv
the end of the world in the distance

a small but dangerous tiger
not a tiger, i'm sorry, a bald giant

a medieval giant with magnificent legs 
and long fingers, the fingers of sorrow

heats up a bowl of chili. it knows well
of sleepless nights on the mountain

i pleaded with you to stay behind 
with the rest of us, but you left anyway

now i can't stop applying your lipstick or
making change at jamaica for babylon


Anonymous said...

Shine over Babylon..

soozie said...

..." but you left anyway" ... pretty wryly brilliant

Clara Scott said...

"nothing hasn't happened
yet that can't be unhappened yet"

Do you ever sleep Bob? Thanks for keeping it interesting...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

in the dark
everyone feels almost the same
sure your body heat is better than the electric blanket
somehow, I'm Not content
although you give me food, sex and shelter
sure the child is cute and makes nice Art
and we play house, pretty house
and you take me to interesting places
and we meet quirky people
then why am I Not happy?

Because our hearts Don't connect
they Never did and they Never will
because there's something Missing
that you can Not buy with $, gardenias, trip, money, diamonds, fancy cars

So I run away from you
I'm looking for the Feeling
an Authentic Feeling
that when I close my eyes
and when I hold your hand
I am as sure as the sky is Cyan Blue
as sure as Rose is the color halfway between Red and Magenta
I know that our hearts Connect
they Always Have and they Always Will

I know it is YOU!

Wrtitten by Lucy U. Viola

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